Databases in Neural Networks

Bibliographies on Neural Networks
  • maintained by Paul Klark
    Bibliographic database gateway
  • maintained by Paul Klark
    Computer Science Bibliographies available on the Internet.
  • Over one-quarter of a million entries.
  • a collection of bibliographies in computer science in BibTeX format
    DOCBIB at the University of Maryland Literature Search
  • from the Rosenfeld computer vision bibliographies and/or the bibliographies of the Pattern Recogntion Group at Delft
    Neural Network, Neural Science and Related Journals,
  • Pacific Northwest Laboratory
    Neural Network Bibliographic Search Tools
  • A powerful search tool.
    OFAI Library Information System Biblio - Neural Networks
  • Österreich Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz, Universität Wien
  • Suchfunktionen 3500 Bücher und Papers im Bereich Neuronale Netze
  • A searchable Neural Networks Archive
  • Neural Networks Bibliography

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