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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
International Journal of Neural Science (IJNS)
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Journal of Neuroscience
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AI Expert
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IEEE Expert - Intelligent Systems and Their Applications

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR)
Journal of Intelligence Systems (JIS)
Journal of Neurophysiology
Journal of Neurotrophism
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Several Other Sources

AI Journals
  • information on various AI journals maintained by NRC
    David Redish bibliography.
  • Journal Articles and Book Chapters
    a list of 40 Research Journals
  • published by World Scientific
    Neural Network Transfer
  • for papers on knowledge transfer in neural networks.
    Several NN-journals listed
  • maintained by Delft Pattern Recognition Group


    [1] List maintained by Heini Withagen at Eindhoven University of Technology
    [2] List maintained by Paul Keller at Pacific Northwest Laboratory
    [3] List maintained at University of Texas at Houston
    [4] Journal maintained at University of Washington
    [5] Entry from the Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide
    [6] Journal maintained at the Australian National University
    [7] List maintained by the MIT Press
    [8] Item from The Electronic Newstand
    [9] Journal maintained at Brunel University
    [10] Item from the MIT Press Artificial Life BBS at the Sante Fe Institute
    [11] Abstracts Archived at University of Wisconsin at Madison
    [12] University of Texas at Arlington
    [13] Item maintained at Universite Catholique de Louvain
    [15] Journal maintained by Princeton University
    [16] maintained by the Centre for Neural Networks CNN (Bart Krekelberg)

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